T-shirt Printing Design Custom Long Sleeve Shirts 

T-shirt customization is not a new thing. Many corporate groups also like to customize T-shirts. As a group clothing, it can not only show individuality, but also unify clothing and show a good team style.

Next, the editor of Chengdu Junzhe clothing manufacturer will share with you the experience and skills of T-shirt customization, and answer how we should choose the right T-shirt Printing Design.

Choose mercerized cotton as much as possible, and mercerized cotton fabrics are made of cotton. The high-quality T-shirt custom fabric made of this raw material not only fully preserves the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has a silky luster, the fabric is soft to the touch, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and has good elasticity and drape; It is comfortable and casual, which fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer.

The fabric of the custom T-shirt has the characteristics of good water absorption and breathability, soft and smooth, comfortable and flat. We are mainly used in the manufacture of people’s intimate clothing T-shirt Printing and home textiles. Its soft and smooth properties will make people very healthy and comfortable to wear. It can also be blended with other materials to form fabrics with different feelings.

The work clothes show the corporate image to the outside world. Therefore, the quality of the customized T-shirts should not be too bad. Customize the high-quality work clothes for the employees to make them comfortable to wear, so that they can better devote themselves to the work.

This is what many companies care about. But this is negotiable. Of course, the more work clothes a company has made to order Custom Long Sleeve Shirts , the lower the price it can enjoy.

T-shirt custom printing or embroidery: The advantage of embroidery is that the clothes will be more high-end and not easy to fall off, but it is time-consuming to make and can only be made in a small area. The printing operation is fast and suitable for the customization of large quantities of work clothes.