Customize Your Own Shirt Promotional T-shirts

In fact, many young people now want to have their own exclusive clothing. They have their own name, birthday, symbol, or their favorite idol, favorite logo, favorite text on the Customize Your Own Shirt to show themselves. unique thing.

It’s like the school uniform that I used to customize the T-shirt, the back is a white blank, so many friends draw and write on the back, so that every school uniform looks the same, but if you look closely, there are differences.

In the past, this method can only be done by hand-painting, but it is troublesome for friends who do not know how to draw.

But! Now there are custom clothes that can meet our ideas-custom T-shirts, which can not only show our personality, but also refuse to bump into shirts! Fashion T-shirts, you can also customize them yourself! Come to T company to customize T-shirts and satisfy you all your individual needs!

Customized T-shirts must be diverse. For example, hip-hop and two-dimensional elements must be a major direction that young people like. Trendy culture is different from popular culture. “Tide” is excavated from within and does not need to meet everyone’s needs; while “popular” is more about following steps. “

If you want to print your attitude and ideas on T-shirt customization and express it through clothing, let’s customize creative Promotional T-shirts together. The designer is Swedish and speaks Swedish, Italian and English. Although the shop is in Paris, his French is not very fluent.

The person is very, very nice, and all you have to expect from him is that he will try his best to satisfy me. I took my daughter’s painting and chose Doraemon and the big bear to help me do it on the t-shirt. The effect can be seen in the following pictures. I don’t really understand what this sewing style is, but I like it very much, so I made a lot of pieces.

There are also many patterns designed by himself in his store, and the customized T-shirts are very beautiful! The first few pieces are his designs that I chose. But they are all out of stock. After placing an order for each piece, he needs to make it now and wait.. Maybe 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks… Slow work and careful work.

He only customizes 365 T-shirts every year, and the listing of each shirt will indicate the number of clothes this year. His t-shirts and sweats weren’t bought off the shelf.