Custom T-shirt On Demand T-shirt Printing

T-shirt customization is not a new thing. Many corporate groups also like to customize T-shirts. As a group clothing, it can not only show individuality, but also unify clothing and show a good team style. Because of its versatility, T-shirts are the basic style among the basic styles, and they are also the most suitable for group clothing styles.

But there is also a problem. It is obviously a basic Custom T-shirt, how can some people wear it very well, and some people wear it very ordinary? In fact, this is also related to the problems we should pay attention to when we customize T-shirt On Demand.

Next, I will share with you the experience and skills of T-shirt customization, and answer how we should choose the right T-shirt.

The customized version of the T-shirt is the version of the bottom shirt. Although the T-shirt is very basic, there are actually many different versions of the T-shirt. And there are also differences between men’s and women’s T-shirts. Custom Women’s T-shirts usually have some very subtle waist details, so that girls can wear them more slim.

And it will not be too close to the body, causing inconvenience in movement. Therefore, when customizing group T-shirts, it is best to divide them into women’s and men’s to customize.

The color of the bottom shirt customized for the T-shirt Printing will also affect whether it looks good or not. For example, Baise is relatively basic, not to mention, a black bottom shirt will have a slimming effect. If you have a slightly fat body, it is actually more appropriate to choose a black bottom shirt.

If you have fair skin, you can choose gentle pink and sunny yellow, which will make you look fairer, but it is not suitable for those with darker skin. Therefore, it is best to consider the color when customizing the group T-shirt.