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Customized T-shirts for group building activities are welfare activities that many companies now arrange. In the past, the more common mode was dinner parties, and with the variety of entertainment methods, many company departments are now gradually expanding more new entertainment methods, such as traveling. , outdoor barbecues, etc. How can outdoor team building be without team building custom shirts?

There are many precautions for Cheap Custom T-shirt outdoor team building shirts. In addition to considering whether the design can highlight the promotion of the enterprise, we should also consider whether it can make employees wear comfortable and have a pleasant outdoor team building experience.

The customized styles of team building group clothing are selected according to our seasons and the content of team building activities. In spring and summer, T-shirts or POLO shirts design are generally customized for casual daily life. In summer, you can also choose customized sun protection clothing T-shirt Design to resist the strong ultraviolet rays outdoors.

The bottom shirt fabric should choose a style with a lighter texture. After all, it should be lighter in hot summer, and it is more breathable and comfortable to wear on the body.

When many HRs are customizing T-shirts, they often ask when they will receive the customized T-shirts. In fact, there are many factors that affect the customization time, including customized fabrics, customized patterns and printing processes. We must fully customize T-shirts. Take these into consideration.

Generally speaking, before customizing clothing T-shirts printing, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer about the customized quantity and delivery time. If you are in a hurry to receive the goods, you should also determine whether you can expedited customization, so as to avoid the situation that the clothing production cannot be produced in the later stage and delay the use of the enterprise. .

The pattern design on the team uniform Custom Shirts Online is very important. It is a good opportunity for publicity. Many large companies will specially design creative logo elements to print on the team uniform. After all, this is a good publicity opportunity. If there are more young people in the department, you can add some popular fashion elements to the team uniforms, which can attract young people to like them more, so that the team uniforms will be worn more frequently.